Benefits of Reverse Aging – Part One

This is the fourth in a series of articles on reversing aging or how to reclaim your youth and vitality! You can read the third article here: The Science Behind Reverse Aging. This article will take a look at all those aspects of aging that can actually be prevented if you become successful in reversing aging.

That means considering many conditions that are directly related to the aging process. Typically starting from middle age and going all the way into your senior years, these age-related issues can stop you from taking part in life to the fullest.

So, apart from the obvious advantage of looking good, a person who can successfully reverse aging will also be spared from many of the debilitating conditions that come with aging.

There are also people who believe in ‘aging gracefully’, thinking of aging as a natural phenomenon and not doing anything about it. But more and more people have now started to realize the importance of freezing their age or reverse aging.

This can be especially important in terms of the ability to lead an independent life without having to rely too much on others. Some of the health benefits of reverse aging can include the following.

Preventing Cognitive Decline

The term cognition refers to the thinking, learning, the interpretive and perceptive function of the human brain. With growing age, the cognitive functions of the brain see a decline just like the rest of the body. There are countless cognitive disorders that are linked to age.

The most commonly known ones include dementia, Parkinsonism and Alzheimer’s disease. While some of these do have a genetic predisposition, others do not. Even those that are linked to genetics can be delayed in their onset or prevented altogether with reverse aging.

Just like aging in other parts of the body, the brain is also susceptible to cellular damage, but when you start to take better care of yourself through diet and other lifestyle practices, you can help your brain keep its health intact.

Whether your reverse aging therapy includes supplements, diets or other lifestyle changes all can help in preserving your health at the cellular level. As science has already established, the healthier your cells, the better you age – or even stop aging.

Preventing Immobility

There is a very famous quote by George Burns that says, “You know you’re getting old when you stoop to tie your shoelaces and wonder what else you could do while you’re down there.”

As we grow older, this makes more and more sense to us. And this is not just for the elderly. In fact, even for those in their 30’s or younger, physical work may bring with it back pain and joint pains – a warning sign that aging is well on its way.

You may also start to experience small inconveniences like achy, sore muscles after the slightest bit of physical activity when mobility is no longer smooth and painless anymore. Just think of how often you end up using painkillers every other day or are just too tired to move around for anything.

Reverse aging can prevent all this. Internally, cellular health does its part while externally you can engage in physical activity suited to your level to keep your muscles and joints mobile. Think yoga, tai chi or aquatics if you want to take it easy or go for the extra burn by jogging, running or cycling.

Preventing Frailty/Sarcopenia

Frailty is the term used for being weak and delicate, and sarcopenia is a medical term that means a loss of skeletal muscle mass. Of all types of muscles, it is the skeletal muscles that can be directly improved by exercise.

Reverse aging exercises and physiotherapy can be of great importance in preventing these two conditions. Frailty is seen as a very common issue among the elderly, but it need not be so for you.

By nurturing good lifestyle habits, you may actually be able to sidestep or even reverse frailty. Think reverse aging where even simple practices like walking every day and easy strength training moves can help delay age-related loss of muscle mass.

As far as frailty is concerned, not only does diet and exercise help but keeping the mind active and the attitude positive can be highly beneficial. One research study by John Hopkins regarding frailty revealed that keeping social connections alive along with pursuing to learn may also translate into a lower risk of frailty.

That is also why people who keep themselves engaged mentally and physically are able to sharpen their thinking skills while improving their physical functioning as well.

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