Foods That Power Up and Protect Your Memory

To keep healthy, you want to make sure that you’re eating a well rounded meal plan every day. Include foods from all of the food groups. There are some foods that you’ll want to watch out for and some that you’ll want to have plenty of because they help boost your memory.

Foods that you will want to keep a close eye on are the ones that have a lot of saturated fat. This type of fat has been connected to studies involving Alzheimer’s Disease.

While you do need fats in your diet, you want to make sure that those fats work to promote memory retention rather than work to tear it down. It might surprise you to learn that many oil based salad dressings can help to stimulate the brain and protect your memory.

That’s because these kinds of salad dressings have a rich supply of the important vitamin E, which has long been known to keep the memory in good shape. It does this because it works to protect the nerve cells in the brain from decline.

In every healthy eating plan, you’ll notice that they mention eating plenty of dark green leafy vegetables. There’s a good reason for this suggestion. Like the oil based salad dressings, these vegetables also contain vitamin E but they have an extra nutrient that can help your memory.

Dark green leafy vegetables are rich in folate. Many people already know that folate fights against birth defects as well as diseases relating to the heart. But you might not know what it can do for the brain.

Plenty of research shows that consuming plenty of folate rich foods can not only slow the toll that aging can take on the brain, but it also improves memory. If you’re a fan of beans, then you’re in luck.

Beans contain choline. This nutrient is one that’s needed to amp up the memory function of the brain. They also lower the blood pressure. The reason that this is important is because high blood pressure has been linked to vascular dementia.

This occurs because the blood supply to the brain isn’t what it should be when you have high blood pressure. Your brain gets damaged from high blood pressure and almost half of all age-related dementia can be traced back to vascular dementia. So make sure that you get plenty of beans in your diet.

Though not many people care for them, beets are a power food that has a lot of nutrients to help your memory. These vegetables are full of nitrates, which can give you an improvement in concentration and focus.

Nitrates dilate blood vessels. This dilation helps give you greater blood flow within your body and that includes to the brain. Plus, they can also lower blood pressure.

Shrimp is another food that can help you with your memory. Shrimp contains a lot of B12 and omega 3, both of which improve memory function in the brain. Shrimp is also used topically in some anti aging treatments.

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