House Cleaning Tools For Arthritis

Arthritis is an unfortunate condition of older adults although younger people do have this condition. It is caused by inflammation of the joints and can be very painful, especially when trying to complete household chores.

This article will cover some house cleaning tools for arthritis to get regular chores done around the house.

Be Careful with Laundry

house cleaning tools for arthritisA common complaint among people who have arthritis, especially senior adults who tend to have a more painful version of the condition, is doing laundry.

Everything from carrying the heavy basket to putting it in the machine, taking it out, folding it and putting it away, can be painful.

If you live alone and don’t have help with laundry, there are some ways you can lessen the discomfort. To start with, do smaller loads.

This reduces the weight of the laundry basket and makes it to where a lot less overall work is being done each time.

Also, try to get a basket on wheels if you are in a one-story home so you aren’t carrying the load each time. Finally, fold the laundry while sitting at a table so that you aren’t bending over so much.

Think Ahead When it Comes to Cleaning

house cleaning tools for arthritisCleaning your home is also going to be a hard thing to get through when you have arthritis. That is why it is important to have house cleaning tools for arthritis that don’t hurt when you use them.

A good tip is to have cleaning supplies upstairs and downstairs in your home, and in every single bathroom.

This keeps you from having to walk across the house or upstairs just to get a certain cleaning product. Also try to have two vacuums, one upstairs and one downstairs.

Another thing that can help is cleaning up spills immediately.

Once things get set in, they require scrubbing, which is really hard on your body when you have arthritis.

The same goes for doing the dishes. Washing them often can reduce the overall work required to get them clean.

Change How You Cook

Cooking meals is another chore you will need to do on a regular basis. If you have bad arthritis, stop standing over a hot stove or standing at the counter to chop vegetables.

Get a stool that is easy to get in and out of and is comfortable for you. Place it at the stove when a lot of stirring needs to be done, or sit at the table when preparing things like chopping vegetables.

Also, switch to lighter dishes and cookware so there is less weight to carry.

house cleaning tools for arthritis

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