Play Games to Retain and Strengthen Your Memories

Older man doing a crossword

Getting older can automatically cause a decline in the brain’s skills, especially in the memory department but you can fight back against this by having fun. Mental exercises done through games can strengthen your memory the same way that physical exercise strengthens your muscles.

You have to stimulate your brain to keep it active so that you don’t lose memory retention. This is one reason that when some people retire, they can experience a decline in mental function.

Their brain isn’t being stimulated the way that it once was. You’ll want to look for games that challenge your brain and not something that you can just mindlessly play.

As soon as you do master a game, you’ll want to move on to a new one or a next level to keep the challenge level high. Look for games that require you to do a lot of thinking.

Having to come up with a strategy to beat a game engages your brain even after you’ve stopped playing the game. Some good games that you can do are things that are like puzzles.

Sudoku is a great example of this. This puzzle can have nine squares and in those nine squares, there are smaller squares. Random numbers are already present within these smaller squares.

Based on the numbers that are present, you have to figure out which numbers then go in the blank squares. This is an excellent brain game because studies have shown that puzzles combined with numbers do stimulate the brain.

Solving 3D puzzles can also give your brain a memory boost. A puzzle like Rubik’s Cube can keep your brain stimulated for hours. Memory matching games like Mahjongg are also helpful.

In this game, you have to find the matching pairs that are free. But you have to be careful – because if you free the wrong pairs, you won’t be able to eliminate all of them.

Card games that require you to use reasoning are also good. You’ll find ones like solitaire or spider solitaire online. Also, search for crossword puzzles to do. You have to engage in playing brain games regularly in order to get the most benefit from them for your memory.

It’s not just handheld games or online games that can challenge your brain that can improve your memory. Playing video games can stimulate the cognitive control and when this is stimulated, it helps improve memory function.

While you might think that playing video games is only for young people, studies have shown some amazing results when older people play these games. In fact, studies have shown that playing certain video games can improve memory skills.

But that’s not the only good news. Playing video games specifically intended to boost the memory skills can actually combat memory loss that’s already happened.

By playing the video games that stimulate certain portions of the brain, those experiencing memory loss can actually see a reversal in their symptoms. So if you’ve been having trouble with memory loss, get started playing those video games.

Not only will you improve your memory, but you’ll gain a new skill that you can share with your grandchildren. If you can find the games that involve standing and exercise, like Wii or Kinect, you’ll get other health benefits, too.

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