The 5 Tibetan Rites for Health and Energy

The 5 Tibetan Rites are a group of simple stretches that are said to stimulate the glands in the boy to help increase vitality and stamina. These are not hard exercises and anyone in good physical shape should be able to attempt them.

They are postures that activate the body’s nervous system and help give a higher level of optimal health. The idea is to stimulate the senses, including the brain, the adrenal system and the thyroid gland.

The author of the book is Peter Kelder. He claims that while he was in India he heard a story of a group of people living in the Himalayan Mountains that appeared to have discovered the Fountain of Youth. They were wandering people who kept their strong healthy bodies with the practice of these exercises.

In the book Kelder said he lived with these people for a time and they taught him the five exercises, which they called rites. The idea behind the exercises is to restore the “vortexes” in the body. They believed that there are seven spinning vortexes in the body. Two of these are in the brain, one at the base of the throat, one on the right side near the liver, one in the reproductive areas and one on each kneed.

They claimed that as we grow older these vortexes can diminish, or slow down and when that happens, disease can result.

These once-secret exercises are now available in Peter Kelder’s book, The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth. The Fountain of Youth offers practical instructions for each of the five rites, which resemble yoga postures. Taking just minutes a day to perform, the benefits for practitioners have included increased energy, weight loss, better memory, new hair growth, pain relief, better digestion, and just feeling younger.

When starting these exercises, it is important to follow the suggestion in the book of starting out slowly. The first week you will do each pose only three to five times and then increase each week (or as you get stronger) until you are doing each pose twenty-one times.

Shown below are the five poses and at the bottom of the page is the video showing how the poses are practiced.

The 5 Tibetan Rites Video:

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