What are the Aging Myths?

Stop AgingStereotypes regarding the aging process have kept many aging myths going over the years. These are misconceptions that are ingrained the minds of many generations, and unfortunately, they contribute to the aging process because these individuals don’t believe they have other options.

Some people dig their heels in and keep reminding themselves and everyone else about how much it stinks to feel old.

Well guess what? A Pew Research study found that many people (probably the optimists) feel 10-19 years younger than they really are.

There’s no reason you should accept feeling old. It’s not normal and it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re acting like a grumpy old man or woman, snap out of it! Being happy can improve your life and extend it, too.

Some people believe they won’t have any energy as they grow old. This is a common myth. You may not want to do cartwheels, but you can have an abundance of energy during the aging process. It all depends on how you treat your body – and it’s never too late to reverse the aging process and regain that youthfulness.

You’re not going to inevitably suffer from joint aches and pains, as some myths will have you believe. It’s not normal to be creaking as you walk. If that’s happening to you, and the pain is intense, then the last thing you want to do is be sedentary – you want to live like a younger person and use exercise to improve your mobility, not further damage it.

It’s also not true that you’re going to slowly lose your mind. Memory loss isn’t normal. It isn’t inevitable. You can reverse those issues today if you begin training your brain to retrieve memories.

Some aging individuals have a negative outlook about their habits – sexual and otherwise. They feel like since they’re old, that means sex is out of the question. Not true! Sexual dysfunction and a low enjoyability factor can be reversed.

Stay Active

What about old habits like smoking or drinking? All reversible – and they’re never too late to quit and see positive health results from, if you’re willing to make the change.

Isolation and depression doesn’t have to be an issue, either. Many people fear the fact that they’ll be alone. There are many activities for you to share in so that you’re not socially isolated.

In the Growing Younger Anti Aging plan, you’ll discover how to empower yourself so that all of these untrue aging myths are a thing of the past. You’ll set a good example for your own children on how to handle the aging process with ease, so that life only gets better as the years go by!

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